Sunday, July 13, 2008

Welcome To Our BLOG...

We just wanted to say hello! Be patient with us as we try out this idea of having a BLOG. We wanted to start out by giving you an idea of what our summer life is like. Usually our lives stay pretty busy with 4 growing boys. One would think, I try not to think to much, that in the summer time one can focus on not being busy. Even in the summer time and being off from school our lives are BUSY. Last week for example, Taylor our oldest was away with his youth group at a Youth Camp in North Alabama. While he was away Becky was privelaged to run our churches Vacation Bible School program. This is her 3rd or 4th year to run the whole program. It proved to be a great week. Many kids accepted Christ throughout the week and I am sure we were able to plant the seed many others lives too. With such a large church that we attend, over 9,000 members, each year the VBS attendance grows. This year the numbers were down a little bit. Becky was glad because attendance was at a manageable 800 a day! The week gave Tanner, Trent & Tate the opportunity to have fun with their frinds at church all week. I am sure that they also made some new friends. Jeff was able to a take a few hours a day off from work to come and help out with the 4th and 5th graders audio & video. We are were involved and we all got our socks blessed off. We are now taking a chill pill this week for a few days until we head off to Orlando for a little R&R for 10 days. Can't Wait!